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Happy Father's Day!!!!
you are an amazing husband...and now you are an amazing father! i will never tire of watching you and our beautiful daughter playing together....

i am so proud of you and i love you so much... :-)
  • Listening to: my baby girl
  • Watching: my baby girl
  • Eating: i should be eating....
  • Drinking: wow..i am thirsty!
the most wonderful thing in the world happened to me this week...our little baby girl was born! :-) her name is emily rose...she weighed 6lbs 9oz. she is so little and beautiful!

i actually love getting up in the middle of the night with her...and my husband is such a good daddy, it's really amazing to watch them together... :-)

matt and i are so happy! :iconmattkaufenberg:
i love you sweetie!
  • Listening to: the vaporizer
  • Watching: matt holding emily
  • Eating: a bowl of oatmeal with raisens
  • Drinking: oj
Thank God for power cords and husbands who know where to find them!

My husband and i moved over the weekend (during which i didn't use my laptop), and when i took it out to finish homework that was due the next morning i only had an hour left (which wasn't enough time to finish my homework!) and the power cord was not in sight!
I was so sure i had packed it in my backpack, but i guess i didn't...i was kinda freaking out and then i called my honey and he told me to check some boxes from the living room. sure enough, there it was!!
love my honey!
  • Listening to: the receptionists at school
  • Watching: for my husband to pick me up
  • Eating: i'm starvin!
  • Drinking: i'm really thirsty too!
check out this awesome guy my husband created...

Super Cool Sea Creature Sticker

i love it! :D

Oh yes, and my husband and i have an announcement to make...we're having a baby! :D we are very very excited...she/he's due on april 25!
  • Listening to: the heater starting up....
  • Reading: what i wrote...
  • Watching: my hubby work on his computer
  • Playing: with my toe
  • Eating: i ate a hotdog like an hour ago?
  • Drinking: nothing!
i start school in less than a very excited!
i'm taking communication art & hopefully i'll be putting a lot of my work up on here.
and the best part is that my husband took the same class a few years ago, ( plus a lot more) so he'll be able to teach me a lot and help me figure out all the complicated stuff haha.
the second best part is that i have to rent a macbook pro from my school, hehe! i love it so much...however, matt's been working hard the last few days transferring my files and stuff from my old laptop....i have around 13000 photos from the last two years....that's 33 Gigs of space!! i guess i like taking photos....
  • Listening to: a coldplay song that's stuck in my head
  • Watching: my hubby work on his computer
  • Eating: keebler fudge cookies with skippy peanut butt
  • Drinking: im REALLY thirsty
so, i just got married to matt, the love of my life  :iconmattkaufenberg:
his work is very awesome, so you should probably go check it out :-)
our wedding day was so beautiful, i'm so thankful to God for making everything work out so wonderfully...all my fretting didn't help one bit, He just took care of it all!

i love you sweetie!!

  • Listening to: the music at caribou coffee
  • Reading: what i'm writing
  • Watching: the cars drive by
  • Eating: i wish i was!
  • Drinking: mango iced tea with raspberry